School Council

Our school council represents the school community in the process of school planning and policy development. They participate in establishment and review of school priorities including general policy direction, financial arrangements and approval of contributions and charges, and the evaluation of school performance. The council provides advise to the school to foster positive relationships between the school and the community.

Wooroloo Primary school council is comprised of staff members, parents and community members. Our current school council is made up of the following members:

  • Joseph Crook (Chair)

  • Amanda McCormack (School Principal)

  • Nicole Lavender 

  • Allison Gunn 

  • Rebecca Grime 

  • Michael Grime

  • Amelia Hendry

  • Sarah Barker

  • Luke Barker

  • Carmen Wallace


Meetings occur 4 times per year and run for approximately one hour.

If you are interested in being more involved in the school and being a part of the decision-making process then we would love to see you at one of our meetings. Interested parents are encouraged to contact the school at for further information.


Allison Gunn

School Officer

Wooroloo Primary School

08 9573 0050

Department of Education information regarding School Councils.